For the discerning firearm enthusiast, presenting the luxurious purple finish tailored for your AR-15 or AR-10 rifles. Whether you’re considering upgrading rifle kits, pistol kits, or exploring gun kits, this hue elevates the aesthetic of every component. The purple shade perfectly complements the Complete Upper, upper receiver, and infuses elegance into the lower parts kit, handguard, rail, and even the flash hider. Functionality meets style with enhancements like the muzzle brake, dust cover assembly, forward assist, and the reliable bolt carrier group. Charging handles, barrel nuts, keymod, m-lok, stock kits, and forearms are elevated with this hue. Lastly, the buffer tube and delta ring assembly complete the transformation. Dive into a world where firearm precision meets avant-garde design with the purple finish. Stand apart, and let your firearm do the talking.