AR-15 Pistol Build Kits

Step into the world of precision firearm crafting with our AR 15 pistol build kits. Designed for enthusiasts and experts alike, these kits pave the way for a seamless assembly of a tailor-made AR 15 pistol. Each set includes pivotal components: upper and lower receivers, barrel assemblies, and customizable handguards. Prioritizing compatibility, these kits promise efficient cycling and impeccable accuracy. Choose from diverse handguard configurations like Keymod and M-LOK to mount your preferred accessories. Whether you’re gearing up for home defense, competitive shooting, or recreational use, our AR 15 pistol kits cater to every need. Embark on a journey of impeccable craftsmanship and experience the unmatched gratification of building your personalized AR 15 pistol with our comprehensive kits.


COMPLETE AR15 PISTOL KITS for the AR 15 Platform 

Build your dream AR-15 pistol with our comprehensive selection of AR-15 pistol build kits. These complete kits provide everything you need to assemble a high-quality AR-15 pistol, whether you're a seasoned builder or a first-time enthusiast.

Our pistol build kits include all the essential components, such as pistol buffer tube kits, pistol grip kits, pistol barrel kits, and pistol handguard kits. Choose from various gas system kits, upper receiver kits, and lower receiver kits to customize your build.

Opt for a build kit with or without a brace, depending on your preference and local regulations. Some kits come with stripped lowers, allowing you to select your own lower receiver, while others include complete lowers for added convenience.

Personalize your AR-15 pistol further with M-LOK, KeyMod, or Picatinny rail handguards, ambidextrous controls, enhanced triggers, adjustable gas blocks, stainless steel or threaded barrels, and fluted barrels for improved aesthetics and performance.

Enhance your shooting experience with upgraded bolt carrier groups, enhanced charging handles, flip-up sights, red dot sights, suppressor-ready muzzle devices, extended magazine releases, ambidextrous safety selectors, extended takedown pins, and enhanced pistol grips.

Experience the pride and satisfaction of building your own AR-15 pistol with our premium build kits. Browse our collection to find the perfect kit for your needs and embark on your AR-15 pistol build journey today.