Bolt Carrier Groups

Upgrade your AR with our high-quality AR bolt carrier groups, designed to provide enhanced reliability and performance. Crafted with precision and manufactured from durable materials, our bolt carrier groups offer smooth and consistent cycling, ensuring optimal function and shooting experience. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a dedicated enthusiast, our AR bolt carrier groups are the perfect accessories to maximize the reliability and performance of your firearm.


AR-15 , .308 AR-10 Style Bolt Carrier Groups

Upgrade your AR-15 or AR-10 rifle with our high quality selection of Bolt Carrier Groups. Our mil spec BCGs ensure reliable performance and compatibility with a wide range of AR platforms. Choose between full-auto or semi-auto Carriers, depending on your specific needs.

Enhance the durability and smooth operation of your firearm with our nickel boron, black nitride, or titanium nitride coated BCG. These coatings provide excellent corrosion resistance and reduce friction for increased reliability.

Opt for low mass or light weight Bolt Carriers to reduce the overall weight of your rifle, without compromising its performance. Our M16 cut BCGs offer compatibility with full-auto rifles, ensuring reliable function in semi auto firearms. Choose from phosphate coated, chrome lined, or DLC coated BCGs for increased wear resistance and longevity.

bolt carrier groups on rifle assembly table ready to be usedOur Carpenter 158 steel and 9310 steel Bolts undergo rigorous testing, including Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) and High-Pressure Testing (HPT), ensuring they meet stringent quality standards. Select our NiB-X coated Bolt Carrier Groups for improved lubricity and easy cleaning.

Explore BCGs with staked gas keys, forward assist serrations, and laser engravings for added functionality and customization. We offer BCGs from reputable brands such as Toolcraft, FailZero, Cryptic Coatings, Faxon Firearms, Aero Precision, Bravo Company, and Brownells.

Upgrade your Bolt Carrier Group to improve reliability, reduce friction, and enhance the overall performance of your AR-15 or AR-10 rifle. Browse our selection of Bolt Carrier Assemblies to find the perfect fit for your firearm.