AR Barrels

Barrels are a critical component of firearms, serving as the conduit through which projectiles are propelled. These cylindrical metal tubes play a crucial role in determining the accuracy, range, and overall performance of a firearm.


AR-15 and AR-10 308 Platform Rifle and Pistol Barrels

Upgrade the performance and versatility of your AR rifle with our wide selection of high-quality barrels. Whether you're building a new rifle or looking to upgrade your existing one, our AR barrels provide exceptional accuracy and reliability.

Choose from a range of barrel lengths, from carbine to rifle-length, to suit your shooting needs. The twist rate of the barrel determines bullet stabilization, allowing for improved accuracy with different bullet weights.

Our stainless steel, chrome-lined, and nitride barrels offer excellent durability and corrosion resistance. Fluted barrels reduce weight and enhance heat dissipation, making them ideal for extended shooting sessions.

For precise shooting and competition use, our match-grade barrels deliver optimal accuracy. If you prefer a heavier build, our bull barrels and heavy contour options offer increased stability and reduced recoil.

Consider factors such as gas system compatibility, barrel nut compatibility, and barrel extension compatibility when selecting a barrel. Threaded barrels allow for the easy attachment of muzzle devices, while pinned barrels provide a secure and permanent attachment.

Customize your AR rifle further with different barrel profiles, materials, calibers, chambers, and coatings. Fluting and porting options are available for improved aesthetics and reduced weight.

Experience enhanced accuracy, longevity, and customization possibilities with our AR barrels. Browse our collection to find the perfect barrel for your AR-15 or AR-10 rifle, and elevate your shooting performance to new heights.