Elevate your AR experience with components in the resilient shade of desert tan, epitomizing the rugged terrains where tactical precision matters most. Infuse your AR-15 and AR-10 builds with a harmony of style and performance. Choose from an extensive range of rifle kits and pistol kits or curate your bespoke gun kit from our vast offerings. Our 80% lower and Complete Upper, complemented by the robust upper receiver, serve as the keystone for your assembly. The precision-crafted barrel is bolstered by a comprehensive lower parts kit, while the handguard, rail, and flash hider accentuate your firearm’s profile. Amplify your rifle’s prowess with a desert tan muzzle brake, dust cover assembly, forward assist, bolt carrier group, charging handle, and barrel nut. Embrace the desert warrior within, with components that are as relentless as the terrains they’re inspired by.