Elevate your AR-15 and AR-10 experience with our exquisite burnt bronze components. This unique hue infuses every piece, from rifle kits and pistol kits to meticulously crafted gun kits, with a touch of luxury and resilience. Our 80% lower, enriched with the burnt bronze finish, stands out as an elite foundation for your firearm endeavors. The Complete Upper, designed with precision, complements the upper receiver, exuding both elegance and unmatched functionality. Each barrel and lower parts kit in our collection radiates sophistication, while our handguards and rails guarantee durability. Moreover, the burnt bronze flash hider, muzzle brake, and dust cover assembly ensure your rifle isn’t just visually appealing, but also performs at its peak. The forward assist, bolt carrier group, charging handle, and barrel nut, all in this opulent shade, complete the look, making your firearm a masterpiece.