AR-15 .223 / 5.56 Pistol Build Kits

Discover the comprehensive AR-15 pistol build kits, perfect for crafting .223/5.56 caliber AR-15 pistols. These kits offer firearm aficionados the chance to customize their pistols, ensuring a perfect fit for individual requirements. Tailored for precision and adaptability, our AR-15 .223 / 5.56 pistol build kits deliver a unique blend of performance and personalization. Dive into the world of tailored firearms and experience the unmatched satisfaction of a custom-built pistol.


AR-15 PISTOL KITS .223 / 5.56 CALIBER Chamber


AR-15 pistol build kits provide enthusiasts with the essential components needed to assemble their own AR-15 pistol. These kits offer a cost effective and customizable solution for those looking to build a reliable and compact firearm.

The heart of the build starts with the pistol lower receiver, which is included in the kit. The lower receiver houses the trigger assembly, magazine release, bolt catch, safety selector, and other lower parts that are necessary for the pistol's functionality. Additionally, the kit includes a pistol buffer tube, pistol grip, and pistol brace to ensure comfortable and stable shooting.

The upper receiver assembly, barrel assembly, gas system, and bolt carrier group are all included in the kit. These components work together to provide reliable cycling and accurate shooting. The handguard, equipped with Picatinny rail sections, Keymod or M-LOK attachment points, offers customization options for the addition of accessories like lights, lasers, and vertical grips.

The kit also includes small parts like grip screws, buffer springs, buffer weights, castle nuts, and gas blocks. These components, along with the gas tube, front sight post, rear sight, and iron sights, ensure proper function and accuracy.

Enhancements like ambidextrous controls, enhanced triggers, quick-detach sling attachments, and anti rotation pins can be added to the build for improved ergonomics and versatility.

Also, with an AR-15 pistol build kit, you have the freedom to customize and assemble your own AR-15 pistol according to your preferences. Enjoy the satisfaction of building your firearm while ensuring reliable performance and personalization. Explore the possibilities and create your ideal AR-15 pistol with these comprehensive build kits.