AR15 300 Blackout Pistol Build Kits

The key advantage of AR 15 300 Blackout pistol kits is the adaptability and performance they offer. Built on the AR 15 platform, these pistols provide familiar ergonomics and compatibility with various accessories, while utilizing the highly versatile 300 Blackout cartridge.


R-15 300 Blackout Pistol Build Kits

Build your own AR-15 300 Blackout pistol with our complete pistol build kits. These kits provide all the necessary parts to assemble a reliable and compact pistol chambered in 300 Blackout. Our pistol build kits include upper and lower receiver sets specifically designed for the AR-15 pistol configuration. With barrel assembly kits, handguard kits, bolt carrier group kits, lower parts kits, trigger assembly kits, buffer tube kits, pistol brace kits, and pistol grip kits, you can easily construct a high performance pistol tailored to your preferences. Customize your pistol's performance with gas block and tube kits, muzzle device kits, and charging handle kits. Explore our selection of Keymod or M-LOK hand guard kits, offering versatile attachment options for accessories such as lights, lasers, and vertical grips. Optics-ready kits feature Picatinny rail sections, allowing for easy installation of your preferred optic or sight. Additionally, flip-up sight kits are available for those who prefer iron sights as a primary or backup option. Whether you are building a hunting pistol, home defense pistol, or competition grade pistol, our kits have you covered. Choose from lightweight kits for enhanced maneuverability or short barreled pistol kits for compactness. Our subsonic kits're optimized for suppressed shooting, ensuring a quiet and effective shooting experience. Select from fluted or threaded barrels, low profile gas blocks, and pistol length gas systems to suit your needs. Our build kits come in skeletonized, billet, or forged options, and can be further customized with Cerakote finishes and ambidextrous controls. Create your ideal AR-15 300 Blackout pistol with our premium build kits, providing you with a reliable, compact, and highly customizable firearm. Enjoy the satisfaction of assembling your own pistol while having the flexibility to tailor it to your shooting style and purpose.