SALE 12″ Cerakote Tungsten Grey M-LOK Rail


Upgrade your firearm with our SALE 12″ Cerakote Tungsten Grey M-LOK Rail, crafted from durable T6 aluminum and featuring an easy-install steel barrel nut. This USA-made handguard offers a monolithic top rail fit and M-Lok compatibility, ensuring versatile customization and heavy-duty performance.

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SALE 12″ Cerakote Tungsten Grey M-LOK AR-15 Handguard

Introducing the all-new SALE 12″ Cerakote Tungsten Grey M-LOK Rail from our signature line! This specialized rail system is not only easy to install and made with high-quality materials, but it’s proudly manufactured in the USA!

The unique tungsten grey coating achieved through our cerakote process sets this product apart from any other. Made with a sturdy steel barrel nut, this rail system slides over the barrel and fits up against the receiver for a monolithic top rail. It’s tight fit to the receiver allows for maximum stress distribution and reliability no matter the environment you find yourself in.

At 12″ in length, this heavy-duty rail system is crafted using T6 aluminum body combined with an M-Lok System making it both durable and comfortable while providing unlimited versatility, allowing users to customize as they please.

Treat yourself, or your loved one, to top of the line quality and peace of mind with our SALE 12″ Cerakote Tungsten Grey M-LOK Rail today! When you invest in a rail system like this, you know you’re getting reliable performance that won’t let you down.

  • Easy Installation
  • Cerakote Coated Tungsten Grey
  • T6 Aluminum Body
  • Steel Barrel Nut
  • Rail Clamps Tight on Barrel Nut
  • M-Lok System
  • Rail System Slides Over Barrel Nut
  • Tight Fit Up Against Receiver, Which Allows For A Monolithic Top Rail
  • 12″ Length
  • Heavy Duty
  • Made In USA
  • SKU: DT18-002

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