Rise Armament Rave Trigger W/ LPK


Experience superior shooting with the Rise Armament Rave Trigger and LPK combo. This precision-engineered trigger offers a crisp 3.5lb pull weight, quick reset, and minimal overtravel for precise shooting. The kit includes a complete Lower Parts Kit for convenience.

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Rise Armament Rave Trigger with LPK

Elevate your shooting experience with the Rise Armament Rave Trigger paired with a Lower Parts Kit (LPK). This precision engineered trigger is designed to provide a crisp, clean break and an incredibly smooth pull, offering an exceptional 3.5lb pull weight.

Crafted to enhance accuracy and improve your shooting performance. The Rave Trigger boasts a quick reset and minimal overtravel, ensuring precise follow-up shots. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or an enthusiast looking to optimize your AR-15, this trigger delivers the reliability and consistency you need.

Our kit includes the Rise Armament Rave Trigger and a complete LPK. Providing you with all the essential components to build or upgrade your AR-15 lower receiver. Each part is meticulously manufactured to meet industry standards, guaranteeing durability and reliability.

Upgrade your AR-15 with confidence, knowing you have top-tier components at your disposal. Elevate your shooting game with the Rise Armament Rave Trigger and LPK.

SKU: RISET017-12003

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