CMC Lower Parts Kit w/ Curved Drop in Trigger


Enhance your AR-15 with the CMC Lower Parts Kit featuring a Curved Drop-In Trigger. Enjoy a crisp 3.5lb trigger pull and rapid reset for precise shooting. This kit includes all essential components, excluding the grip, allowing for customization. Crafted to meet or exceed industry standards, it’s perfect for both beginners and experienced gun enthusiasts.

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CMC Lower Parts Kit w/ Curved Trigger

Enhance your AR-15 build with this meticulously crafted CMC LPK, featuring an exceptional 3.5lb Single Stage Curved Trigger. Whether you’re a novice gun builder or a seasoned expert gunsmith. This kits designed to elevate your firearm to new levels of performance and precision.

The star of this kits the 3.5lb Single Stage Curved Trigger, which provides a crisp, clean break and minimizes trigger reset for rapid follow-up shots. It’s the ideal addition for shooters who demand a superior trigger pull. Making it perfect for both recreational shooting and tactical applications.

Please note that the grip is not included in this kit, allowing you the flexibility to choose the grip that best suits your preferences and shooting style.

Our kit contains all the essential components you need for your AR-15 build, and every part meets or exceeds MIL SPEC standards, ensuring reliability and durability. You’ll find components like the Bolt Catch, Mag Release, Safety, Trigger Guard, Takedown Detents, and more—all crafted with precision and quality in mind.

Whether you’re assembling your first AR-15 or upgrading an existing one, our Lower Parts Kit with the 3.5lb Single Stage Curved Trigger is the right choice. It’s a testament to our commitment to providing firearm enthusiasts with top-tier components that deliver unmatched performance and reliability.

Lastly, take your shooting experience to the next level with a trigger that’s a cut above the rest and a complete kit that meets the highest standards of quality. Elevate your AR-15 build with confidence, knowing you have the best components at your disposal.

SKU: CMC81501

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