Failzero EXO Nickel Boron 6.8 SPC Bolt Carrier Group


Upgrade your AR-15/M16 with Failzero’s EXO Nickel Boron 6.8 SPC Bolt Carrier Group, the pinnacle of reliability and durability. With patented NIB technology, this BCG offers unmatched boron content, ensuring consistent performance in any condition. Made in the USA, it’s compatible with 6.8 SPC II chambers and features upgraded extractor parts for enhanced extraction tension. Trust Failzero for excellence in every shot.


FailZero EXO Coated 6.8 SPC Bolt Carrier Group

Looking for the most reliable and durable bolt carrier group on the market? Look no further than Failzero’s EXO Nickel Boron 6.8 SPC Bolt Carrier Group! Using a patented NIB Process during manufacturing, this BCG boasts the most boron content of any NiB-coated BCG on the market today. This revolutionary coating provides outstanding consistency and durability, making it perfect for even the most demanding applications.

Featuring quality components made exclusively in the USA, this BCG is also compatible with 6.8 SPC II chambers. Upgraded extractor parts include a heavy spring, silicone insert, and o-ring for increased extraction tension, while the fully assembled 6.8 SPC Bolt Assembly is a direct drop-in replacement right out of the package. Additionally, EXO-coated parts provide a permanent dry lube inside your AR that resists corrosion and wear for long-lasting performance.

Don’t settle for second best – get your hands on a Failzero EXO Nickel Boron 6.8 SPC Bolt Carrier Group today!

Failzero 6.8 SPC BCG Specifications:

  • 6.8 SPC Bolt Carrier Group (6.8 SPC II Compatible)
  • EXO Nickel Boron coated
  • Carrier, Bolt, Extractor, Cam Pin, gas key, and firing pin coated
  • fits all AR-15/M-16 Mil-Spec Uppers
  • Compatible Calibers are 6.8 SPC, 6.8 SPC II
  • M16 Bolt Carrier Cut
  • FailZero Logo Engraved into carrier
  • Weight 11.2 oz.
  • Made in the USA
  • SKU: FZ-6.8SPC-1-NH

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information:

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Weight 1.5 lbs


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