308 80% Polymer Lower Receiver and Jig System – Black


Achieve precision and reliability with our 308 80% Polymer Lower Receiver kit, complete with jig and tooling. Crafted in the USA, this polymer lower receiver offers durability and versatility. The included jig and drill bits ensure proper finishing for components like the fire control group and safety selector hole. Simplify your 308 lower receiver project with our comprehensive kit.


308 80% Polymer Lower Receiver with Jig and Tooling

The jig is included in the price of this system. The kit comes with drill bits and the end mill bit that’s required to finish your 80% 308 Polymer Lower project the right way.

The 80% 308 Lower Receiver is Polymer

The operations left to be completed on our 80% 308 lower is as follows:

      • fire control group
      • trigger pin
      • hammer pin
      • trigger slot
      • safety selector hole.

The Polymer 80% Lower Receiver is not an FFL (Federal Firearms License) item. This receiver is machined to 80 percent and still requires machining to be completed.


What is a 308 80% Polymer Lower Receiver ?

An 80% lower receiver is a piece of Polymer which has been partially completed to a certain point.  With the Included Jig and Tooling and the right techniques, the lower can be transformed into a working firearm.

Is a FFL required to/build a firearm from an 80 percent lower for personal use?

No. You are building the firearm for yourself for your own personal use which is legal under the Gun Control Act of 1968. This is on the ATF’s website under their FAQ page. You can see it here http://www.atf.gov/firearms/faq/firearms-technology.html .

It is not required to be transferred through a Federal Firearms License Dealer with all the federal paperwork like its finished counterpart, the completely finished lower receiver.  These factors make for easy purchasing for home gunsmiths and hobbyists for personal use.


As long as the following laws are met there are no problems building from 80% polymer  lower :
  1. You can legally own the firearm in question in the state in which you live
  2. You are building the firearm for your personal use and for yourself only.

It is a good idea to mark your firearm built from an 80 percent lower somehow so that should it ever be lost or stolen you have a way to identify it and report its loss to your local law enforcement. Please check your local and state laws.

What tools are required or recommended to finish my 80% Polymer lower receiver ?

Includes a jig and all the drill bits.

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Weight 2.5 lbs



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