AR-10 / AR308 80% Lower Receivers

When it comes to building a powerful and reliable AR-10/308 rifle, 80% lower receivers are an essential component that provides the foundation for your custom firearm. These receivers, whether forged or billet, are designed to handle the higher pressures and larger calibers associated with the AR-10 platform.


308 DPMS Style 80% Lower Receivers

Upgrade your AR-10 rifle build with our high quality AR-10 lower receivers. Designed to provide a solid foundation for your rifle, our AR-10 lower receivers offer exceptional compatibility and reliability.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our AR-10 lower receivers are available in stripped or assembly options. They are compatible with a wide range of AR-10 platforms, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

Choose from various materials and construction types to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a lightweight lower receiver or prioritize durability, we have options to meet your needs. The design of our AR-10 lower receivers includes flared magwells for smooth magazine changes. Ambidextrous controls for enhanced versatility, and optimized ergonomics for improved handling.

Our AR-10 lower receivers're marked with essential information and caliber compatibility for ease of identification. They feature threaded pins for easy assembly and enhanced customization options. The receiver's compatibility with various buffer tubes, stocks, pistol grips, and other accessories allows you to personalize your AR-10 to your liking.

Additionally, engineered for reliability, our AR-10 lower receivers ensure consistent performance and functionality. They're built to withstand the demands of the range or field, providing a solid base for your AR-10 rifle build.

Lastly, upgrade your AR-10 rifle with our reliable and versatile lower receivers. Browse our choices to find the perfect AR-10 lower receiver that optimizes your shooting experience, offering compatibility, reliability, and enhanced customization options.