Triggers & Hammers

Take your AR’s performance to the next level with our premium AR triggers and hammers. Designed with precision and manufactured from high-quality materials, our trigger and hammer set offers a crisp and consistent trigger pull, enhancing accuracy and overall shooting experience. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a passionate enthusiast, our AR triggers and hammers are the perfect accessories to optimize your firearm’s trigger system.


AR-15 and AR-10 Triggers & Hammers including drop in, match, and 3 Gun Trigger Systems

Triggers and hammers play a crucial role in the performance and functionality of firearms, particularly AR-15 rifles. Whether you're looking for an upgrade or customization options, a wide range of triggers and hammers are available to suit different shooting preferences.

When it comes to triggers, options include drop-in triggers, match triggers, single-stage triggers, and two-stage triggers. These triggers can enhance the shooter's experience by providing a crisp, clean break and a consistent trigger pull. Trigger pull weight and reset characteristics are adjusted to suit individual preferences.

The trigger assembly, which includes the trigger, trigger sear, trigger shoe, and trigger pins, is responsible for initiating the firing sequence. Trigger groups offer a complete set of components for easy installation and customization.

Hammers, on the other hand, work in conjunction with the trigger to strike the firing pin and ignite the ammunition. Hammer springs, hammer pins, and hammer hooks are key components that ensure reliable and consistent ignition. Geometry and engagement play a role in determining trigger pull and reset characteristics.

Hammer assemblies're designed to provide smooth and reliable hammer release, follow, and reset actions. Hammer drops, hammer spurs, and hammer extensions offer customization options for shooters seeking a specific look or functionality.

Safety features such as hammer blocks and hammer drop safety mechanisms provide added peace of mind during firearms operation.

Whether you're a competitive shooter, a precision enthusiast, or a recreational shooter. Upgrading your triggers and hammers can greatly enhance your shooting experience. With attention to detail, quality materials, and precision manufacturing, these triggers and hammers are designed to withstand the demands of both professional and recreational shooting.

Choose from a variety of options that allow you to fine-tune your trigger pull, adjust reset characteristics, and achieve the desired hammer release. Upgrade your AR-15 with these dependable triggers and hammers and experience improved accuracy, control, and overall shooting performance.