AR15 Charging Handles

AR-15 charging handles are essential components for firearms, specifically designed for the popular AR-15 platform. These handles play a vital role in manually charging the firearm, chambering the first round, and clearing malfunctions. One key advantage of AR-15 charging handles is their compatibility with AR-15 rifles, ensuring a proper fit and optimal performance.


AR-15 Rifle and Pistol Charging Handles

High quality AR-15 charging handles from Top Name Manufacturers across the country. The suppliers of these AR-15 Charging Handle products offer their products in different types.  Additionally the Choices include ambidextrous charging handles, large handle extended latch and standard Mil-spec charging handles.  We Also carry charging handles from quite a few vendors such as Bravo Company, Phase 5, Radian, Spikes Tactical.  Daytona Tactical is working on many more vendors to make sure we have the charging handle you want for your AR-15 Rifle.