Anderson Manufacturing Stripped Upper with BCG/CH


Elevate your AR-15’s performance with the Anderson AR-15 Stripped Upper, complete with a Bolt Carrier Group and Charging Handle. This all-in-one combo offers precision, reliability, and ease of assembly. Crafted for customization, it fits seamlessly with mil-spec AR-15 parts.


Bolt Carrier Group and Charging Handle with Anderson Upper Receiver

When enhancing your AR-15’s performance, there’s no room for compromise. Elevate your firearm to new heights with the Anderson AR-15 Stripped Upper, complete with a Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) and Charging Handle. This essential combo delivers precision, reliability, and convenience in one unbeatable package.

Key Features:

  1. Stripped Upper Perfection: Crafted with precision, the Anderson Stripped Upper is designed to meet the highest quality and functionality standards. Its compatibility with mil spec AR-15 parts ensures a seamless fit for your customization needs.
  2. Complete BCG: Included in this combo is a top tier Bolt Carrier Group (BCG), critical for reliable cycling and long lasting performance. Precision-machined from high quality materials, this BCG is built to endure heavy use.
  3. Smooth Charging Handle: The charging handle included in this package designed for swift and efficient operation. Its ergonomic design ensures easy manipulation, even in high pressure situations, allowing for quick follow up shots.
  4. Enhanced Versatility: Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a tactical operator, or enthusiast, this combo elevates your firearm’s versatility. Customize your AR-15 easily, knowing you have the essential components.


  • Effortless Assembly: With the Stripped Upper, BCG, and Charging Handle included, you’re one step closer to completing your dream AR-15 build. Save time and hassle with this all in one package.
  • Uncompromising Reliability: Your AR-15‘s reliability is paramount. With Anderson’s reputation for quality, you can trust that these components will perform flawlessly, round after round.
  • Precision Accuracy: Achieve pinpoint accuracy with the Stripped Upper’s precise machining. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a meticulous marksman, this combo always helps you hit your target.
  • Ready for Action: Get your AR-15 prepared for action faster than ever. Additionally, this combo gets rid of the guesswork, ensuring that your upper, BCG, and charging handle are all perfectly matched and ready for duty.

Lastly, upgrade your AR-15 to peak performance with the Anderson AR-15 Stripped Upper, complete with BCG and Charging Handle. Also, precision-engineered, reliable, and versatile, this combo is your ticket to success on the range or in the field. Additionally, don’t miss out on the ultimate AR-15 upgrade.Lastly, order yours today and experience a new level of excellence! SKU: DT15-007

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

BCG Coating



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