Buffer Tubes

Buffer tubes often include features like adjustable length of pull or storage compartments, enhancing the versatility and functionality of the firearm. Proper installation and maintenance of these tubes are crucial to ensure their proper functioning. Following manufacturer guidelines and using the appropriate tools are essential for a secure and reliable installation.


Buffer Tubes for the AR-15 and AR-10 Platform Rifles and Pistols

Upgrade your AR rifle's performance and functionality with our range of high-quality AR buffer tubes. Designed to meet mil-spec standards, our buffer tubes are essential components for proper assembly and reliability of your AR platform.

Choose from various buffer tube lengths and diameters to ensure compatibility with your specific AR model. Our buffer tubes are constructed using durable materials, offering long lasting performance and resistance to wear and corrosion.

Installations made easy with our buffer tube kits, which include all the necessary components such as buffer tube assemblies, lock rings, wrenches, and end plates. Whether you prefer a fixed, collapsible, or adjustable stock, our buffer tubes provide the perfect foundation for your desired configuration.

Experience enhanced ergonomics and control with buffer tubes that feature adjustable length of pull, recoil absorption, and anti tilt features. Some models even offer quick detach sling attachment points, ambidextrous controls, and integrated storage compartments for added convenience and versatility.

Our buffer tubes are designed to provide reliable performance, ensuring smooth cycling and improved recoil management. Whether you're a professional shooter or a recreational enthusiast, our buffer tubes offer the durability, performance, and customization options you need to optimize your shooting experience.

Browse our selection of AR buffer tubes and accessories to find the perfect fit for your AR platform. Invest in a buffer tube that will enhance your rifle's performance, provide reliable functionality, and offer the comfort and customization options you desire.

Also, currently, we offer a wide selection of AR style Rifle lower extension buffer tubes. This includes Mil Spec 6 position, 5 position, and fixed stock tubes.  The Receiver buffer tubes have corrosion resistant coating to insure a long life of service.