AR-15 300 Blackout Rifle Build Kits

AR 15 300 Blackout rifle build kits offer firearm enthusiasts a comprehensive solution for assembling their own customized rifles chambered in the popular 300 Blackout caliber. These kits provide all the necessary components to construct a fully functional 300 aac Caliber firearm. Allowing individuals to tailor their rifles to their specific preferences and needs.


AR-15 300 Blackout Rifle Build Kits

Build your dream AR-15 chambered in 300 Blackout with our comprehensive rifle build kits. These kits provide everything you need to assemble your rifle from scratch, ensuring compatibility and convenience.

Our complete rifle kits include upper and lower receiver sets, barrel assembly kits, handguard kits, bolt carrier group kits, lower parts kits, trigger assembly kits, buffer tube kits, pistol grip kits, and stock or brace kits. With these components readily available, you can confidently build a reliable and accurate AR-15 platform.

Choose from a variety of gas block and tube kits, muzzle device kits, and charging handle kits to customize your rifle's performance. Explore our selection of ambidextrous, Keymod or M-LOK handguard kits for versatile accessory attachment options.

Optics-ready kits come with Picatinny rail sections, allowing for easy installation of your preferred optic or sight. Flip-up sight kits are also available for those who prefer iron sights as a primary or backup option.

We offer kits suitable for various shooting purposes, including hunting, home defense, and competition shooting. Select from lightweight kits for enhanced maneuverability or short-barreled rifle kits for compactness. Our subsonic kits are optimized for suppressed shooting, ensuring a quiet and effective shooting experience.

Whether you prefer fluted or threaded barrels, low-profile gas blocks, or pistol-length gas systems, our build kits cater to your needs. Choose between skeletonized, billet, or forged kits, and customize your rifle further with Cerakote finishes and extended controls.

Build your ultimate AR-15 300 Blackout rifle with our premium build kits, designed to provide you with a reliable, accurate, and highly customizable firearm. Experience the satisfaction of assembling your own rifle while enjoying the performance tailored to your shooting style.

Complete 300 Blackout AR15 Rifle Kits - 300 AAC Blackout - with/without 80% Lower Receiver.

The 300 Blackout cartridge, also known as 7.62x35, uses a standard AR-15 magazine in the AR15 platform. Additionally, it was developed by Advanced Armament Corporation to be used in the M4 Rifle.

The Rifle Kits contain all the parts needed to Finish your AR-15 Rifle except the Magazine or Sights.  Upper receivers are 7075 T-6 Aluminum Alloy.