Lower and Upper Sets

When it comes to building a custom AR-15 rifle, lower and upper sets provide the essential components needed to create a fully functional firearm. These sets, often crafted using forged materials, offer firearm enthusiasts the flexibility to assemble a rifle that suits their shooting preferences and needs.


Lower and Upper Sets for the AR-15 Platform

Elevate your AR-15 build with our premium AR-15 upper and lower receiver sets. Designed for exceptional compatibility and performance, our matched sets ensure a seamless fit and reliable operation.

Choose from stripped or complete sets, both forged and billet options, to suit your preferences. Our AR-15 upper and lower receiver sets come with a range of enhanced features, offering versatility and customization options.

Experience enhanced functionality with sets that include a forward assist, dust cover, and ambidextrous controls for ease of use. The flared magwell and integrated trigger guard allow for quick and efficient magazine changes. Threaded pins and adjustable stocks simplify assembly and customization.

Our AR-15 upper and lower receiver sets are built to MIL-SPEC dimensions and offer compatibility with various handguards, rails, and accessories. The serialized markings ensure legal compliance, while the durable finish protects against wear and tear.

With reinforced buffer tube threads, enhanced ergonomics, and enhanced safety selectors, our sets prioritize reliability and user experience. The lightweight design reduces overall weight without compromising strength.

Upgrade your AR-15 build with our reliable and feature-rich upper and lower receiver sets. Browse our selection to find the perfect AR-15 set that optimizes your shooting experience, offering compatibility, reliability, and enhanced customization options.

Fully machined Upper and 80% Machined Lower. We do not require an FFL. Our vendors machine the parts to MIL-SPEC Tolerances and from a Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum. Also, the magazine well is broached for a perfect fit. Additionally, the vendor bead blasts and Hard-Coat MIL-SPEC anodize these sets.

THE OPERATIONS TO COMPLETE ON THE 80 PERCENT LOWER RECEIVER: Fire Control Group, Trigger and Hammer Pin hole, Trigger Slot, Safety Selector Hole.

Upgrade and Start Your AR-15 project with this AR-15 Upper and Lower Receiver set. This includes a 80% lower receiver and  Mil-Spec AR-15 Stripped upper. Also, these AR-15 parts meet military standard specifications to ensure a proper fit for all of your parts and accessories.