AR 15 80 Lower Receivers

Delve into the world of AR-15 builds with our premier 80% Lower Receivers. A pivotal component in rifle kits and pistol kits, these receivers form the base for your AR-15 firearm’s creation. Pair them with a Complete Upper or an upper receiver for a smooth assembly experience. Enhance your build further with a dedicated lower parts kit, ensuring all components fit flawlessly. With our 80 AR-15 Lower receivers, you can be assured that your gun kit or gun kits will showcase unmatched precision. Top off your assembly with a robust handguard, providing both protection and aesthetic appeal. With these foundational pieces, you’re set to craft a firearm that embodies your vision and meets the high standards of the AR-15 platform.


AR15 Platform 80% Lower Receivers

Build your own AR 15 rifle with our high quality AR-15 80% lower receivers. These unfinished lower receivers provide the perfect platform for customization and personalization. Allowing you to create a firearm that meets your exact specifications.

Choose from our selection of 80% lower receiver kits, which include the necessary components and a milling jig for easy and precise completion. Our lower receivers come in billet or forged options, ensuring strength and durability. With integrated trigger guards, flared magwells, and threaded pins, our 80% lower receivers offer enhanced functionality and ease of assembly.

Experience improved ergonomics and versatility with our 80% lower receivers that feature ambidextrous controls, reinforced buffer tube threads, and enhanced takedown pins. The MIL SPEC dimensions ensure compatibility with a wide range of AR-15 parts and accessories.

With options for Picatinny rails and M-LOK or Key Mod hand guard compatibility, our 80% lower receivers provide the flexibility to attach accessories and customize your rifle further. The laser engraved markings and durable finishes add a professional touch to your completed build.

Enhance your shooting experience by building your own AR-15 rifle using our reliable and feature rich 80% lower receivers. Take control of your customization process and create a firearm that meets your unique needs. Start your build today with our AR-15 80% lower receivers and build kits.