Adams Arms P Series Piston Kit with Adjustable Micro Block – Carbine Length with Standard Carrier


Upgrade your AR with the Adams Arms Piston Kit for superior performance. This innovative system transforms your rifle into a piston-driven mechanism, using existing gas ports for efficient operation. Enjoy a self-cleaning, cooler, and cleaner shooting experience with adjustable gas settings and minimized flash signature. Ideal for both tactical and suppressed use, it’s the ultimate enhancement for your AR-15.

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Adams Arms P Series Piston Kit with Adjustable Micro Block – Carbine Length with Standard Carrier

The Adams Arms Piston Kit converts your Direct Impingement AR into a Piston-Driven system.  This kit uses the existing gas port on the barrel to work the action of the included inverted piston.  Firstly, instead of directing the gases into the receiver, they go into a gas plug and drive rod sleeve.  Secondly, the contained gases within the drive rod sleeve push the bolt carrier rearward using the pressure to cycle the action.  Also, the P Series Piston operating system mechanically actuates the bolt carrier external of the receiver.  Therefore, this keeps the internal receiver and all its moving parts clean and free from heat and carbon buildup.

P Series Piston System Features:

  • Self Cleaning
  • Carbon and Gases expel forward, away from the shooter
  • BCG and other internals remain cool and clean
  • Adjustable gas settings for various applications
  • Does not vent direct; Eliminates flash signature and supersonic crack – ideal for night vision and suppressed fire

Kit Includes:

  • One-Piece Bolt Carrier
  • P Series Micro Block – 5 adjustable settings
  • Upper Receiver Bushing
  • Bushing Installation Rod
  • Bolt Spring
  • Drive Rod with Bushing and Spring

SKU: FGAA-03203

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