20" Upper 1x8 Wylde S.S Spiral Fluted Rifle length 15 inch Slim Keymod Rail No BCG or Charging Handle



20" M4 Upper With Stainless Steel Spiral Fluted Barrel and 15" Slim Keymod Rail

  • Chamber - .223 Wylde , M4 Feed Ramp (Shoots both .223 and 5.56 with More Accuracy)
  • Barrel Twist - 1x8
  • Barrel Thread - 1/2 x 28
  • Barrel Steel Stainless Steel Spiral Fluted
  • Flash Hider - Stainless Steel Compensator
  • Handguard - 15" Slim Anodized Keymod
  • Gas Block - Low Profile Gas Block
  • Upper Receiver - A4 Flat-Top Upper
  • Bolt Carrier Group - Not Included
  • Charging Handle - Not Included

Daytona Tactical test fires every custom upper to verify cycling. We do not guarantee cycling with all
ammunition due to vast differences in the quality of ammunition. We will only warranty cycling with
US made ammunition. We will not warranty cycling with imported, steel cased or reloaded rounds.