Stock Kits

Stock kits are essential components for firearms, specifically designed for the popular AR-10 and AR-15 platforms. These kits provide shooters with comfort, stability, and customization options for their rifles. One key advantage of stock kits is their compatibility with AR-10 and AR-15 rifles, ensuring a proper fit and optimal performance.


AR Rifle, SBR, and Pistol Stock Kits

Enhance the comfort, stability, and functionality of your AR rifle with our extensive selection of AR kits. We offer a wide range of stock assembly kits to suit different preferences and shooting styles. Including collapsible, adjustable, and fixed options.

Our AR stock kits include everything you need to complete your stock assembly, including buffer tube kits, stock parts. And all necessary components for easy installation. Choose from various stock and buffer tube combinations to find the perfect fit for your AR rifle.

Whether you prefer a traditional fixed stock or a collapsible stock for added versatility. Our stock kits provide the stability and adjustability you need. Customize your stock assembly with additional accessories like pistol grips, handguards, lower parts, sling mounts, cheek rests, recoil pads, and more.

Optimize your shooting experience with features like enhanced buffer tubes, ambidextrous sling mounts, adjustable length of pull, adjustable cheek risers, folding adapters, and modular designs. These enhancements ensure a comfortable and secure fit for improved accuracy and control.

Lastly, upgrade your AR rifle with our premium stock kits and enjoy a personalized shooting experience. Browse our collection of AR stock kits to find the perfect combination of comfort, functionality, and durability that will elevate your shooting performance.