AR Castle Nuts

Castle nuts are crucial components for firearms, specifically designed for the popular AR-10 and AR-15 platforms. These nuts play a critical role in securing critical parts and assemblies in place. One key advantage of castle nuts is their compatibility with AR-10 and AR-15 rifles, ensuring a proper fit and reliable performance.


Castle Nuts

Ensure a secure and reliable connection between your AR receiver and buffer tube with our high quality AR castle nuts. Designed for compatibility with mil spec standards, our castle nuts are essential components for proper assembly and functionality of your AR rifle.

Whether you need AR nuts for buffer tubes, end plates, or stock attachments, we have you covered. Our AR nut kits come with all the necessary installation tools, including castle nut wrenches, to ensure a hassle free assembly process.

Choose from our range of AR nuts with various features to suit your specific needs. Some models come with sling attachments, quick detach sockets, or multiple sling mounting points for added versatility. Others boast anti rotation features, ergonomic designs, and light weight materials for enhanced durability and user comfort.

The easy installation process allows for quick and convenient assembly, while the corrosion resistant coatings ensure long lasting performance even in challenging environments. With reinforced construction and precise machining, our castle nuts provide a dependable connection that won't loosen over time.

Upgrade your AR rifle with our reliable and high quality nuts. Browse our selection to find the perfect castle nut that offers the ideal combination of durability, functionality, and compatibility for your AR rifle. Invest in a nut that will keep your AR rifle securely assembled for reliable performance in every shooting scenario.

AR Platform Nuts made to Mil Spec tolerances to tighten your stock from rotating.  Using the right spanner or Armorers wrench when aligning will insure a safe and well secure stock.