AR-10 Magazines

Upgrade your AR-10 rifle’s performance with our high-quality magazines, designed to maximize your shooting experience. Whether you’re a professional shooter, a competitive enthusiast, or a firearms hobbyist, our AR-10 magazines offer exceptional reliability, durability, and functionality. With various capacities and features available, our magazines provide the perfect solution for optimizing your shooting performance. Choose our AR-10 magazines for reliable feeding and seamless shooting.


AR-10 DPMS Platform Magazines

Upgrade the performance and reliability of your AR-10 rifle with our selection of top-quality magazines. Designed to meet the demands of serious shooters and enthusiasts, our AR-10 magazines offer exceptional reliability and durability.

Choose from a variety of magazine capacities to suit your shooting needs and comply with local regulations. Our AR-10 mags are designed to be compatible with a wide range of AR-10 platforms, ensuring reliable feeding and smooth operation.

Crafted with precision and built to last, our AR-10 mags feature robust construction and reliable components such as followers and springs. The sturdy feed lips and efficient magazine springs ensure consistent feeding, minimizing the risk of malfunctions.

Experience quick and seamless reloads with our AR-10 mags. The ergonomic design and textured grip provide a secure hold, facilitating rapid magazine changes in any shooting scenario. Additionally, our magazine extensions and base plates offer increased capacity options and improved handling.

We prioritize magazine reliability, and our AR-10 mags undergo rigorous testing to ensure flawless performance. From addressing follower tilt to resolving feeding issues, our magazines are engineered to deliver consistent functionality.

Whether you prefer polymer or steel construction, our AR-10 magazines offer excellent durability and corrosion resistance. With options for windowed designs and translucent materials, you can easily monitor your remaining ammunition.

Enhance your AR-10 rifle with our reliable and high-performing magazines. Browse our selection to find the perfect AR-10 mag that optimizes your shooting experience, ensuring reliable feeding, reload speed, and overall performance.

Our AR-10 magazines from Magpul are perfect for your .308 and other AR platform rifles.  The new design offers a bolt catch notch in the rear with increased clearance.