AR15 Pistol Uppers .223 / 5.56

The key advantage of AR-15 pistol uppers in .223 / 5.56 is their compatibility and performance. Designed specifically for AR-15 pistols, these uppers provide optimal functionality and reliability when paired with the appropriate lower receiver and other components.


AR-15 Pistol Barreled Uppers Chambered in .223 / 5.56

AR-15 pistol uppers chambered in .223 / 5.56 provide shooters with a compact and versatile platform for various shooting applications. With a pistol length gas system and a range of customizable features, these uppers offer exceptional performance and maneuverability.

The upper receiver serves as the foundation of the AR-15 pistol upper, providing a secure attachment point for the barrel, handguard, and other components. Barrel length can vary, allowing shooters to choose between shorter lengths for enhanced maneuverability or longer lengths for improved accuracy and velocity.

Handguards come in various styles, including Keymod and M-LOK, providing attachment points for accessories such as lights, lasers, and vertical grips. The Picatinny rail on top of the upper receiver offers additional mounting options for optics and iron sights.

The barrel of these pistol uppers can feature different finishes, such as stainless steel, chrome lined, nitride, or melonite, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. Threaded barrels allow for the attachment of muzzle devices like flash hiders or muzzle brakes, while suppressor ready options accommodate suppressors for reduced noise and recoil.

Also, with light weight designs and free floating handguards, these uppers offer improved balance and reduced weight for better maneuverability. The inclusion of anti-rotation tabs and quick detach sling attachments adds convenience and versatility to the shooting experience.

Lastly, choose an AR-15 pistol upper in .223 / 5.56 that suits your shooting style and preferences. Experience sub-MOA accuracy, enhanced triggers, and the reliability of match grade barrels. With a range of customization options, these pistol uppers provide shooters with a compact and powerful platform for a variety of shooting applications.