.308 Upper Build Assemblies

Building a .308 upper assembly can be an educational and rewarding experience. It allows enthusiasts to gain a deeper understanding of the rifle’s mechanics and take pride in owning a firearm they assembled themselves. Additionally, it promotes responsible ownership and a greater appreciation for firearm safety.


AR-10 / .308 Upper Build Barreled Assemblies

Build your AR-10 / .308 rifle with confidence using our high quality upper build assemblies. Whether you're looking for complete upper build kits or individual parts, we offer a wide range of options to suit your needs.

Our AR-10 upper build assemblies include upper receivers, barrel assemblies, hand guard assemblies, and more. Choose from various barrel lengths and profiles to achieve the desired balance of accuracy and maneuverability.

Experience enhanced customization with our many choices of AR-10 upper assembly kits and receiver sets. From bolt carrier groups and charging handles to gas blocks and muzzle devices, we have everything you need to complete your upper build.

Our AR-10 / .308 upper build assemblies are designed for optimal compatibility and easy installation. Customize your build with different rail systems and hand guard lengths to accommodate your preferred accessories and shooting style.

We prioritize both accuracy and reliability in our upper build assemblies. Each components crafted with precision and built to withstand the demands of .308 caliber shooting, ensuring consistent performance and durability.

Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a first time builder, our AR-10 / .308 upper build assemblies provide the foundation for a reliable and accurate rifle. Browse our selection and start building your dream AR-10 / .308 rifle today.

Complete AR-308 DPMS Style AR-10 Upper Assemblies Gen 1

Lastly, our 308 Upper Receivers for DPMS style Rifles are Compatible with Most Generation DPMS Pattern 308 Lower Receivers.  Quality Made in America AR Parts to Build or customize your AR-10 Rifle.  Daytona Tactical offers a variety of 308 AR-10 complete Uppers at low every day prices in various colors and lengths for the DIY gun smith to complete their .308 Build.