FailZero EXO Nickel Boron Curved Drop In Trigger Group

type: Trigger
Vendor: FailZero


FailZero Exo Coated Drop In Trigger Group Curved - 3.5 lb.

FailZero High Performance AR Drop-in Trigger group is a cost effective nickel Boron Upgrade to the Mil-Spec Trigger.  The Trigger is self contained and fully assembled with a hardcoat Anodized outer shell with the Failzero logo.  The trigger parts are EXO Nickel Boron Coated giving the assembly a crisp break and a short reset, making for a more reliable and durable product under the worst conditions.  Easy installation with no tuning needed on this single stage trigger group.  The Nickel Boron coating makes for easy cleaning and prevents buildup of carbon. The trigger will work on both AR-15 and AR-308 Rifles with no problem with exceptional performance with the added feature of 
EXO Coating. 

FailZero Drop In Trigger Specifications:

  • Curved Trigger Design
  • 3.5 lb. pull weight
  • single stage Trigger
  • Crisp Break with short reset
  • Outer casing High Grade Aluminum
  • Trigger parts machined from Tool Steel
  • Fits both AR-15 and 308 / AR-10
  • weight 2.6 oz.

NOTE:  KNS pins recommended but not supplied or required.
             Not For Use in SIG MPX.