AR10 308 80 Percent Lower and Complete Stripped Upper Set

type: Set


AR10 308 80% Lower and Complete Stripped Upper Set

 AR10 308 DPMS Style 80% machined lower and fully machined upper. No FFL required. These .308 Parts are machined to spec so that all accessories will fit. These 80 Percent Lowers and 100% Machined stripped Uppers are made from a forged 7075 T6 Aluminum and the magwell is broached for a perfect fit. This set is bead blasted and anodized black.

80% .308 Lower receivers and Stripped 308 Uppers are machined from 7075-T6 forgings

The operations left to be completed on the 80 percent lower receivers are as follows:

  • fire control group
  • trigger pin
  • hammer pin
  • trigger slot
  • safety selector hole.

This is a not an FFL item. This is not a complete AR-10 308 Lower receiver and still requires machining to be completed.