7.5″ Stainless 300 Blackout Pistol Upper M-lok Rail


Upgrade your AR-15 with our 7.5″ Stainless 300 Blackout Pistol Upper. Featuring a stainless steel barrel and M-lok rail, it offers precision and versatility in a compact package. Chambered in 300 Blackout, it ensures accuracy and durability.


7.5″ 300 Blackout Stainless Pistol Upper with M-lok Rail

Elevate your AR-15 with our high-performance 7.5″ Stainless 300 Blackout Pistol Upper. Engineered for precision and versatility, this upper assembly is designed to deliver exceptional performance in a compact package.

Crafted with a 7.5″ stainless steel barrel, chambered in the popular 300 Blackout caliber, this upper ensures accuracy and durability. The M-lok rail system offers modularity for accessories, allowing you to customize your setup to your preferences.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable home defense option or a compact range companion, this pistol upper delivers. It’s easy to install, making it suitable for both experienced shooters and beginners. Lastly, upgrade your AR-15 with the 7.5″ Stainless 300 Blackout Pistol Upper for enhanced performance and versatility.

The specifications for this upper include:

  • Chambering in .300 Blackout with a heavy barrel profile
  • Twist Rate: 1×7 for optimal bullet stabilization
  • Barrel Thread: 5/8×24, allowing for standard muzzle device compatibility
  • Barrel Material: High-grade stainless steel for durability
  • Muzzle Device: A stainless steel A2 ‘bird cage’ style flash hider
  • Handguard: 7-inch M-lok, anodized for a durable finish
  • Gas Block: A streamlined low profile design
  • Upper Receiver: A standard flat-top variant for easy optics and accessory mounting
  • Bolt Carrier Group and Charging Handle: components are not included and must be purchased separately

With its made in the USA badge of craftsmanship, this 7.5″ Stainless 300 Blackout Pistol Upper would not only be a reliable performer but also a standout addition to your firearms collection.

  • SKU: DT12-176

Additional information

Weight 10.1 lbs


Barrel Length

Barrel Chamber

Barrel Twist

Barrel Thread

Barrel Material

Barrel Finish

Handguard Length



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