6.8 SPC 15 inch Keymod WITH BCG and Charging Handle

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16″ 6.8 SPC with 15″ Slim Keymod Rail Including Bolt Carrier Group and Charging Handle

  • Chamber – 6.8 SPC 2
  • Barrel Twist – 1×10
  • Barrel Thread – 1/2-36
  • Barrel Steel 4150 Chrome molly stress relieved
  • Flash Hider – A2
  • Handguard – 15″ Anodized Slim Keymod
  • Gas Block – Low Profile Gas Block
  • Upper Receiver – A4 Flat-Top Upper
  • Bolt Carrier Group – 6.8 SPC
  • Charging Handle – Mil Spec Charging Handle
  • Approx. Weight   5 LBS

Daytona Tactical test fires every custom upper to verify cycling. We do not guarantee cycling with all
ammunition due to vast differences in the quality of ammunition. We will only warranty cycling with
US made ammunition. We will not warranty cycling with imported, steel cased or reloaded rounds.



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Weight 10.1 lbs

Barrel Length

Barrel Chamber

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2 reviews for 6.8 SPC 15 inch Keymod WITH BCG and Charging Handle

  1. 5 out of 5

    The 6.8 spc is a great cartridge. I have served in Special Forces for over 16yrs. I love this round with the proper set up it is very versatile! Plenty of knock down power and accurate! It beats out 300 blkout. For your guys who love to hunt like I do it’s a great choice. .277 sounds familiar right? Yes it’s the little brother of the 270 win. Believe me you can’t go wrong with the 6.8spc! The folks at Daytona Tactical are a crack bunch and stands by there products!

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Fires beautifully. There was no changes needed in the construction/finishing of my 80% lower. Since my AR-15 _5.56 and my AR-15_6.8 SPC look so much alike I placed special markings on the 6.8 SPC to make sure I do not get them confused and try to send the wrong caliber ammo through either one. Only real problem is that 6.8 SPC ammo is not as easy to find as other calibers. Plenty of places to order the ammo from however.

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