AR Barrels Chrome Lined Versus Not Chrome Lined

One of the biggest differences in cheap versus high-end AR-15s is the quality of the barrels. We are going to cover the pros and cons of Mil-Spec chrome molly steel chrome-lined barrels versus match-grade stainless steel, non chrome-lined barrels and help you make an educated decision on which is right for the intended purpose of your next AR-15. Although it is unlikely that most of us will ever “shoot out” a barrel; chrome-lined barrels handle extensive shooting and adverse weather much [...]

80 AR Blem lower


AR-15 Frequently asked Questions AR 15 80 Percent Lower Frequently Asked Questions What is an AR 15 80% Lower Receiver? An 80% lower receiver is a piece of material (Aluminum) which has been partially completed to a certain point.  With readily available tooling from local hardware store and the right techniques, the lower can be transformed into a working firearm. Is a FFL required to/build a firearm for personal use? No. You are building the firearm for yourself for your own personal use which is legal [...]