Experience a new dimension of AR customization with our meticulously crafted “grey” components, compatible with both the AR-15 and AR-10 platforms. With shades of grey making a statement in the firearm industry, it’s more than just a color; it’s a mark of sophistication. Dive into our diverse offering that spans from comprehensive rifle kits to compact pistol kits. Whether you’re piecing together your personalized gun kit or sourcing singular essentials, our collection has it all. Begin with the rock-solid foundation of our 80% lower, paired seamlessly with a Complete Upper and a precision-engineered upper receiver. Enhance accuracy with our barrels, fortified by our all-inclusive lower parts kit. Stylish grey handguards, rails, flash hiders, and advanced muzzle brakes promise unmatched performance. Complete your build with a dust cover assembly, forward assist, bolt carrier group, charging handle, and the ultimate barrel nut.