Step into the realm of tactical elegance with our “foliage green” components for AR-style rifles. Tailored for both AR-15 and AR-10 platforms, this hue embodies stealth, style, and supremacy. Our collection spans a wide range, from comprehensive rifle kits to pistol kits, ensuring that every enthusiast can craft their ideal gun kit. Lay the foundation of your build with our precision-crafted 80% lower, pairing effortlessly with a Complete Upper and a state-of-the-art upper receiver. Our barrels promise unmatched accuracy, complemented by a thorough lower parts kit. Enhance the functionality and flair of your firearm with a foliage green handguard, rail, flash hider, and an efficient muzzle brake. Concluding your build, integrate our robust dust cover assembly, forward assist, bolt carrier group, charging handle, and the indispensable barrel nut. Embrace the unparalleled blend of function and fashion with foliage green.