AR Style Rifle End Plates

End plates are essential components for firearms, specifically designed for the popular AR-10 and AR-15 platforms. These plates play a crucial role in securing the receiver extension and providing attachment points for various accessories. One key advantage of the plates is their compatibility with AR-10 and AR-15 rifles, ensuring proper fit and optimal performance.


End Plates

Enhance the functionality and versatility of your AR rifle with our high quality AR end plates. Our selection includes a variety of plates designed to accommodate different needs and preferences.

Choose from end plate sling adapters, QD plates, single-point sling plates, and more to attach your preferred sling system securely. Our plates are compatible with most AR receivers and buffer tubes, ensuring a seamless fit.

Featuring ambidextrous options, castle nut attachments, and stock compatibility, our end plates provide reliable sling mounting points for optimal maneuverability and shooting comfort. The quick detach capabilities of some end plates allow for easy attachment and detachment of slings, offering convenience during tactical operations.

Crafted with reinforced construction and ergonomic designs, our AR plates are built to with stand rigorous use and provide long lasting durability. Made from lightweight materials with corrosion resistant coatings, they are designed to endure various environmental conditions.

Additionally, installation is a breeze, thanks to the easy to follow instructions and compatibility with standard AR rifle components. Upgrade your AR rifle with our versatile plates and experience enhanced sling mounting options that suit your shooting style.

Lastly, discover the perfect AR plate for your needs in our collection. Also, browse our selection and select the plate that offers the ideal balance of reliability, functionality, and durability for your AR rifle.

We offer a large selection of different End Plates in many shapes and sizes.  This includes ambidextrous sling mount, single mount, and no mount. Also, all are made to Mil-spec tolerances with a corrosion resistant coating.