AR Buffers

Buffers are essential components for firearms, specifically designed for the popular AR-10 and AR-15 platforms. These devices play a crucial role in managing recoil and ensuring smooth cycling of the firearm’s action. One key advantage of buffers is their compatibility with AR-10 and AR-15 rifles, ensuring reliable performance and optimal recoil management.


AR-15 and AR-10 Recoil Buffers

Enhance the performance and control of your AR rifle with our premium selection of AR buffers. Designed to reduce recoil and improve overall shooting experience, our buffers are essential parts for AR carbines and rifles.

Choose from a range of buffer tube buffers, recoil buffers, and buffer spring and weight combinations to find the perfect fit for your specific needs. Our adjustable AR buffers allow you to fine tune your rifle's recoil management, ensuring optimal comfort and stability.

Constructed with durability in mind, our AR buffers are built to withstand the demands of rigorous shooting sessions. They are compatible with various buffer tube lengths, diameters, and materials, providing versatility for customization and compatibility with different AR platforms.

Installation is a breeze with our buffer tube kits, which include all the necessary components such as buffer tube covers, lock rings, and wrenches. Upgrade your buffer tube with our high quality buffer tube end plates, stocks, extensions, and adapters for enhanced functionality and ergonomics.

Experience reduced recoil, noise, and improved reliability with our AR buffers. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a beginner, our buffers offer a smoother shooting experience and improved control.

Additionally, browse our selection of AR buffers and add-ons to find the perfect fit for your AR rifle. Invest in a buffer that will enhance your shooting performance and provide you with the reliability and comfort you need on the range or in the field.

Also, we carry a full line of AR Rifle and Pistol Buffers for multiple calibers and in different weights to insure proper cycling of your rifle.  Among our choices are standard AR-15 3 0z. Buffers, H1, H2, and H3 Buffers for that right weight for your situation.  Daytona Tactical also carries 9mm and .308 buffers in different materials including 4140 steel and 416 Stainless Steel.