Fixed and Flip Up Backup Sights

Fixed and flip-up sights for AR-15 rifles provide shooters with reliable and accurate aiming solutions. Whether you prefer the simplicity and durability of fixed sights or the versatility of flip-up sights, these options cater to various shooting scenarios.

Fixed sights, also known as iron sights, are a classic choice for shooters who value simplicity and reliability. With a front sight post and a rear sight, shooters can achieve a consistent sight picture. These sights are often low profile, making them ideal for co witnessing with optics or when space is limited on the Picatinny rail.

Flip-up sights offer the convenience of being able to fold down when not in use. Allowing for unobstructed use of optics or when a more stream lined profile’s desired. They can quickly be deployed when needed, providing a backup sighting option. These sights are adjustable for windage and elevation, allowing for precise zeroing.

Some flip-up sights are designed with dual apertures, allowing shooters to switch between smaller and larger apertures depending on the shooting distance or lighting conditions. Tritium or fiber optic sights provide enhanced sight in low light situations or bright conditions, respectively.

Ambidextrous options cater to left handed shooters or those who prefer the flexibility of using the sights with either hand. Easy installation and compatibility with Picatinny rails make these sights accessible to a wide range of firearms.

Whether you choose fixed or flip-up sights, these aiming solutions offer rugged construction, light weight designs, and reliable performance. With windage and elevation adjustments, shooters can fine tune their sights for precise accuracy. With attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, these sights’re built to with stand the rigors of shooting environments.

Equip your AR-15 rifle with the optimal sight solution that suits your shooting style and preferences. Enhance your aiming powers with these reliable fixed and flip-up sights, ensuring consistent and accurate shot placement in a variety of shooting conditions.