AR-15 Upper Build Assemblies

AR-15 upper build assemblies provide firearm enthusiasts with the necessary components to create a custom upper receiver for their AR-15 rifle. These assemblies offer a wide range of options for shooters looking to personalize their firearms and enhance their shooting experience.

Each assembly typically includes an upper receiver, barrel assembly, bolt carrier group, handguard, and gas system. These components come together to form a reliable and functional upper build. The muzzle device can be selected to suit specific shooting preferences, whether it’s a flash hider, compensator, or muzzle brake.

The charging handle, forward assist, and dust cover are also included, providing added functionality and protection. A Picatinny rail allows for easy attachment of optics, sights, and other accessories, ensuring customization options to suit individual shooting needs.

Barrel options include different lengths, twist rates, profiles, and threaded barrels for muzzle device compatibility. Lightweight and free-floating designs are available to enhance maneuverability and accuracy. Handguards come in Keymod or M-Lok configurations, offering attachment points for accessories and a comfortable grip.

Whether it’s for precision shooting, competition, hunting, or tactical applications, AR-15 upper build assemblies provide the versatility to tailor your rifle to your specific requirements. Ambidextrous controls, enhanced triggers, and quick-detach sling mounts can be selected to further enhance the shooting experience.

Also, with high-quality components, mil-spec standards, and options for Cerakote finishes for durability and corrosion resistance. These upper build assemblies provide firearm enthusiasts with the tools to create a reliable and customized AR-15 upper receiver. Explore the available options and build the AR-15 upper assembly that suits your shooting needs and preferences.